sponsor the project

We are currently seeking sponsors to support On Recovery…but if you’ve reached this page, you already know that!

We appreciate your interest in finding out more about how you can be involved and help.

On Recovery‘s high level goals for 2018-2019:

  • Host an art exhibition with an opening show in Portland, Oregon, as a part of National Recovery Month
  • Extend the project and host a sister show in Bend, Oregon, featuring participants from rural Oregon (outside the PDX metro area)
  • During the opening show, fundraise for a local recovery organization
  • Bring together people both in and outside of the recovery community to celebrate healing, joy, and the power of self-expression

What we need:

SPONSORS!!!!! We are seeking sponsorship to help us cover the costs of putting on the event.

What our sponsors receive:

  • A space on the On Recovery website, with logo and blurb about who you are and what you do
  • Links back to your site and/or any other web presences you would like us to include
  • Including your name, logo, and links in promotional materials for the show, from social media, to advertising
  • Mention of your organization in earned media and press release documents
  • Providing a chunk of time during the show itself to honor our sponsors and share what they do 
  • And more!

Please reach out to us with a few details about your organization and let’s talk: