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Lizz Ehrenpreis
Lizz Ehrenpreis is a frenetic navel-gazer, perpetual friend-maker, and multi-media creator. Before she became a full-time artist, she was a project manager and communications maven in the WordPress web development world, the managing editor of a semi-popular dating blog, and editor-in-chief for two sex worker oriented publications. She is a proud Brooks Institute of Photography drop-out who still occasionally positions herself behind the lens. She creates art at The Screaming Doodle and is one half of the On Recovery Project team. She has a passion for art, cats, true crime, cooking, and mental health advocacy. Her current obsession is creating wearable art, and she does so while drinking an appalling amount of seltzer from her home in Portland, Oregon. When she's not wandering around the Portland Metro area, you may spot her floating down the Sandy River, in which case she asks to not be disturbed.
Marissa Johnson

Everything is a potential subject when you walk around with your heart wide open. This was Marissa's great discovery after her younger brother died of a heroin overdose in 2015. It has taken every loss, bottom, achievement, and immeasurable support from the people she loves for her to finally let go of fear, open her heart, and paint.

Her journey through grief has brought her full circle to starting her own business, Fearless Facilitation. As a facilitator and political consultant, she pursues the nuts and bolts side of the advocacy that her creative and sober life afford her. 

She is passionate about her sobriety and about serving both the addiction and recovery community through advocacy and art.

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