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Lizz Ehrenpreis

By day, Lizz is a content, project, and marketing managing maven, with a focus on strategy, process improvement, and implementation. She attended the Brooks Institute of Photography, with an interest and focus on portraiture and fine art photography. She has worked in the WordPress industry for the last five years, and prior to that, worked in editorial, writing about politics, relationships, sex, and technology and serving as an editor for several publications.

By night, Lizz is a maker who dabbles a variety of mediums: writing, photography, music, visual art, jewelry making, seamstressing, baking, cooking, knitting, and more. Her personal work is, at the core, about the best three F-words: fun, foul-mouthery, and feelings. She is  a lifelong volunteer and a strong believer in the power of community.

She lives in Portland, Oregon, where she drinks an appalling amount of seltzer and chills with her cats. If you can't find her in Portland metro, you may spot her floating down the Sandy River, in which case she asks to not be disturbed.

Marissa Johnson

Everything is a potential subject when you walk around with your heart wide open. This was Marissa's great discovery after her younger brother died of a heroin overdose in 2015. It has taken every loss, bottom, achievement, and immeasurable support from the people she loves for her to finally let go of fear, open her heart, and paint.

Her journey through grief has brought her full circle to starting her own business, Fearless Facilitation. As a facilitator and political consultant, she pursues the nuts and bolts side of the advocacy that her creative and sober life afford her. 

She is passionate about her sobriety and about serving both the addiction and recovery community through advocacy and art.

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